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Walk into the churches and visit the Unterlinden Museum, which houses a large collection of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art.The world is a weird and wonderful place—we want to show you around.

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How is it possible for such a tiny continent to be packed full of so much culture and history.While the usual options include nearby mainland Europe for a period of several.If you want to branch out from the major European destinations while abroad, check out this list to add some great cities to your travel bucket list.

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Trip reports, travel guides, message board (forums), travel photos.It was founded in the 9th century and is located about 40 miles southwest of Strasbourg, very close to the German border and heavily influenced by the German culture.

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Finding cheap places to sleep in this part of Europe can really be challenging.

We search hundreds of travel sites to find the best prices and take the agony out of travel planning.Obviously it was a big decision to add a Europe portion to my trip,.

Countries like France, Italy and Spain have the most to offer travelers in terms of comfort, attractions and culture.

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Travel tips to European Countries: Iceland About the county Officially known as the Republic of Iceland, is located in northwestern Europe.Take Greece, which once stood as one of the most powerful and prominent civilizations in the world.Fiery autumn, Romania. autumn Romania four seasons orange red colors leaves fall travel wanderlust Europe Eastern Europe.Anyone who flies through multiple time zones has to grapple with the biorhythmic confusion known as jet lag.The greatest secret to getting an affordable airfare or best travel. train Europe Tours Europe Travel Explore.

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It houses three national museums, a beautiful botanical garden and some great restaurants.Wander around La Petite France, which is home to several canals and quaint timbered houses.

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Now able to be reached from a permanently dry causeway, access to Mont St.

Western Europe is the basic backpacking destination for most travelers and a trip through a romance.For those determined to travel overland as much as possible from Europe, you can travel independently to Singapore from.This canal city was the birthplace of Rembrandt and has been a university city since 1575.

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Be sure to wander around the old town, hike up the hill to Bratislava Castle to learn more about Slovak history, and step into St.Western Europe has been in the front seat of history for the last few centuries and because of that prominence, it has romanced the imagination of a great deal of us living elsewhere. - This England

Opportunity to travel by train for free, without having a ticket. Fines for train hopping in Europe can be very different, but usually they have a big size:.

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This guide will help you decide when to travel to Europe. Choosing When To Travel: High, Low and Shoulder Season In Europe.Disclaimer: There are thousands of great towns and cities in Europe.


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Seljalandsfoss Iceland Island Europe Nature Landscape Outdoor Waterfall Fall Photography Travelling Traveling Travel Tourism Vacation Holiday Urlaub Reisen...They tend to dress in upscale, classy clothes that make most.Of course there are many hotels in Europe and the standards tend to be high even when the rooms are small.


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This is one of my favourite cities in Europe and it is incredible if you want to see a city with a rich mixture of both German and French cultures.While there, make sure to enter Strasbourg Cathedral, situated in the centre of town.