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Transaction authentications: Every single transaction needs to be authenticated manually, which also is the case with the Ledger Blue, Trezor or Keepkey.Post exploitation with PowerShell has grown in popularity in recent years, and seeing what can be done with just the basic Windows Script Host is an interesting exploration.There are more cloud service providers offering serverless or Function-as-a-service platforms for quickly deploying and scaling applications without the need for dedicated server instances and the overhead of system administration.In particular, we will pay close attention to several serialization formats in.NET. These formats have also been known to be vulnerable since 2012 but the lack of known RCE gadgets led some software vendors to not take this issue seriously.Nick Leiserson Nick Leiserson is Legislative Director to Congressman Jim Langevin (RI-02), a senior member of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees and the co-founder of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus.

With some 3D printing, Arduino, and some strong magnets we can crack almost any fire safe.In many cases the attacks are labeled as advanced and persistent which suggests a high level of sophistication in the attack and tools used.Modern frameworks have done a great job at providing solutions to the CSRF problem that automatically integrate into the application and solve most of the conditions.While the TM06 is a cute and versatile little device - protection against network threats, it is not.Thus, you will be able to control the targeted network from the very WSUS server you own.In his spare time, Foofus enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and opera.DOJ, FDA, FTC, and DoD have all evolved in positive directions in their approach to security over the last five years, engaging more robustly with the security research community.

Before SafeBreach, Amit was CTO for Trusteer (acquired by IBM) for 8.5 years. Prior to Trusteer, Amit was chief scientist for Cyota (acquired by RSA) for 2 years, and prior to that, director of Security and Research for Sanctum (acquired by Watchfire, now part of IBM security division) for 7 years.Years ago, with the help of some very awesome people, he set about to create an event that would give the n00bs of DEF CON a place to feel welcomed and further their own pursuit of knowledge.This talk provides an in-depth look at the attack, and reviews and critiques the latest academic works on TDoS attacks directed at 9-1-1 systems.He has an established research focus on attacking the Windows kernel, and was the first to reverse engineer the DOUBLEPULSAR SMB backdoor.Recently, several popular Chrome extensions were found to be vulnerable to XSS.Was the hope of taking blockchain from mere cryptocurrency platform to one that can perform amazing Turing-complete functions doomed.Eden grew up in Nigeria, where he was bored into assembly programming for the Z80 chip, graduated into the demo and cracking scenes while being thrown out of high-school but ended up being a (somewhat) productive member of society.Offense: CloudLeech - a cloud twist to Ulf Frisk Direct Memory Attack.Daniel Bohannon (DBO) Daniel Bohannon is a Senior Incident Response Consultant at MANDIANT with over seven years of operations and information security experience.

Bitdefender antimalware researcher Octavian Minea explains the detailed inner workings of the Cryptolocker ransomware: The Cryptolocker ransomware gets installed by.These attacks can randomly choose victims, or target a given victim.A giant mammoth that still powers the most critical business functions around the world: The Mainframe.Jason has a BS in economics, and has worked in the mining and technology industries.She is passionate about privacy, encryption, and building user-driven technology for the public.The microcontroller stores custom user profiles in flash memory, allowing the mouse to retain user settings between multiple computers.Luke Young Luke Young is a security researcher originally from the frozen plains of Minnesota who recently migrated to the much warmer state of California.Jason Hernandez Jason Hernandez researches surveillance technology and reports on it for the North Star Post.Though she is fierce, she is also graceful, peaceful and determined.

On stage we have past organizers representing Legit BS, DDTEK, Kenshoto, Ghetto Hackers, and before — many of which also participated as part of top recurring teams such as Sk3wl of r00t, Ghetto Hackers, Samurai, and Team Awesome.We first demo our backdoor-tolerant Hardware Security Module built from low-cost commercial off-the-shelf components, benchmark its performance, and delve into its internals.

He wrote a book on BeagleBones and crypto hardware which not many people have read, talked about embedded security at Portland BSides and HOPE, and presented a better way to make a hardware implant at DEF CON 22 which hopefully helped the NSA improve their spying.Hear about everything from making laws more hacker friendly to encryption to government bug bounties to IoT security.Learning the field well enough to write your own exploits require full walkthroughs and few of those exist.

On personal time he enjoys coding, gaming, various crafts, and nature activities with his wife, two kids, and three dogs.We trust that if someone is inside our home they are supposed to be there.

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Ever since, she has made it her mission to ensure the truth is out there.And maybe you want to exfiltrate data, download a tool, or execute commands on your command and control server (C2).As a countermeasure, we will provide various techniques to circumvent them, allowing hackers and security researchers to unpack the secrets they withhold.

Attacks that were previously considered impractical due to time and resource constraints can now be considered feasible with the availability of cloud services and the never-ending free flow of public IP addresses to avoid attribution and blacklists.

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Currently focusing on iOS exploitation, reverse engineering advanced mobile malware and hardware attacks.A 2009-2010 EFF Open Government Legal Fellow, Nate spent two years in private practice before returning to his senses and to EFF in 2012.